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Neurofeedback Research | Colorado Springs, CO

The key factor that separates a legitimate treatment method with an unproven fad is research. Since so much research has supported the healing potential of neurofeedback, it’s officially considered the leading alternative to medication. Note that you can still continue your medication during your neurofeedback sessions if you choose to do so – the combination is highly effective in some patients.

Explore some of the research on neurofeedback to determine what it can do for you:

1995 Rossiter lavaque1 – Study comparing EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) and psychostimulants in treating ADHD

Coben 2010 Enduring Effects of Neurofeedback in Ch 2 – Study on Neurofeedback and ADHD and Autism

Sherlin_2011_Neurofeedback_and_basic_learning_theo_2 – Report showing efficacy of Neurofeedback

Arns 2012 The Effects of QEEG-Informed Neurofeedback – Study showing effectiveness of neurofeedback on ADHD

Winkelmolen_2012_Neurofeedback_Treatment_in_a_Clie_kopie – Case study of client who had neurofeedback treatments for ADHD and ODD

Arns 2013 Evaluation of neurofeedback in ADHD The – A summary report of research on neurofeedback treating ADHD

Neurofeedback on children with history of abuse and neglect – A report showing effectiveness of neurofeedback with children who have emotional, social, behavioral, and cognitive problems.

Neurofeedback for drug-resistant depression – Research showing long-term effectiveness of using neurofeedback on depression

Beyond feeling chronic pain – An article discussing chronic pain and how it affects the Default Mode Network (DMN) which we can train

Neurofeedback and TBI’s – Article showing effectiveness of neurofeedback on TBI injuries

Neurofeedback with Migraine headaches – An article showing effectiveness of Neurofeedback treating Migraine headaches

Ready to Give Neurofeedback Therapy a Try?

When a treatment gets this much attention from so many researchers, it’s clear that it’s something worth exploring. The fact is, neurofeedback has helped millions of people reduce their anxiety, improve their mood, and keep their fears and compulsions at bay. By teaching your brain how to better regulate itself, neurofeedback produces life-changing effects that last – but you don’t have to believe us – simply check out the research! Contact the Colorado Neurofeedback Center to see how it can change YOUR life.