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Tired of relying on medications or talk therapy? This non-invasive approach is ideal for depression, anxiety, learning disorders and more.

Learn How Neurofeedback Therapy Can Help

Neurofeedback therapy offers a scientific approach that can change your life. By using sophisticated equipment that examines your brainwaves, we can improve the way your brain thinks and functions – and there are no side effects whatsoever!

3 Reasons to Try Neurofeedback Therapy

These are the three reasons that Neurofeedback therapy may be the ideal treatment for you:

Neurofeedback is a Logical and Effective Treatment
Avoid the Negative Effect of Medications
Your Insurance Might Cover It

Meet Kevin and Jenni Uzri

We have been counselors in Colorado Springs since 2008. Through our work, we began to identify a need to not only address patients issues through commonly used counseling methodologies but to target the source of many patients difficulties– their neuropathways. We found ourselves treating patients that were not experiencing their desired relief through traditional therapy and medications. Neurofeedback has provided peace and freedom to many of our patients who had not succeeded with traditional methodologies.

Neurofeedback is the leading alternative to chemical treatment and can help you – but only if you make the first move. If you are looking for an alternative to medication and traditional talk therapy, make an appointment at Colorado Neurofeedback Center today.